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Washington DC Patent Attorneys

The Law Office of Michael E. Kondoudis is a law firm that focuses exclusively on patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  We help individuals, businesses, and clients of other law firms to protect their patentable inventions.  We also help international law firms prosecute patents in the United States.  We are located in Washington, DC, just minutes from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and our principal, Michael Kondoudis, is a Washington, DC patent attorney.


We are a law firm focused exclusively on patent, trademark, and copyright law. These specialties are collectively known as "intellectual property" or "IP" and Information about each of these areas of IP law, as well as their strategic use, is located in our Patent Practice Areas.  We specialize in intellectual property protection and have experience prosecuting applications for inventions in the mechanical, optical, electrical, computer hardware, and semiconductor arts.


We have a new home on the web!

Recent years have been a time of tremendous change in U.S. Patent Law. So our web site is changing too. We are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned firm website and URL. By building our new site, MEKPATENTLAW.COM, we've been able to improve navigation, better communicate our services, and provide enhanced education and decision tools for our clients. We invite you to visit our new home on the web and let us know what you think. And, as always, we invite you to stay connected with us via LinkedIn, Facebook, and our blog.


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What are you looking for in a law firm?  If you are an individual or small business, most likely it is assistance from a patent attorney who is knowledgeable, who responds to you, and who treats your patent needs as important.  If you are a law firm, you are most likely seeking straightforward, efficient, and skilled patent counsel.  These are our goals.

We provide large-firm expertise, with small-firm service and attention and rely on wherever possible.  To learn more about our patent, trademark, and copyright practice, select any of the topics listed above.

For example, while we serve clients across the United States and in foreign countries, our Washington, D.C. office location gives us access to the patent examiners at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for filing needs, hearings, and personal interviews with patent examiners.  Our location and experience make such interviews extremely economical, and serve to speed prosecution and narrow issues quickly, thereby saving the client prosecution costs over the long-run.  This is an advantage to being a patent attorney in Washington, DC.


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