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Trademark Office Actions

Office Actions Are Part Of The Registration Process

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) reviews every application for compliance with Federal law and its Rules.

If the USPTO decides that an application is not in condition for allowance, it will issue a letter called an Office Action. The Office Action will explain every issue the USPTO finds with your application. The USPTO issues an Office Action about 65% of the time.

An applicant must respond to that Office Action within six months after it is mailed. If you fail to properly file a response in a timely manner, the USPTO will declare your application abandoned and end the application process.

Not All Office Actions Are EqualWashington DC Lawyer for Trademark Office Actions

Some Office Actions represent a denial of your application while others merely request clarification or additional information. If you have received an Office Action, we can help you respond – even if we did not file your application.

Flat Fee Office Action Responses

We encourage you to complete our secure online contact form. We will review your Office Action free of charge and provide a flat rate price to complete a response on your behalf. We are able to serve clients from all 50 states and countries worldwide.