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Safeguard Your Brand Across All 50 States Trademarks Are Valuable - Protect Yours with a Federal Registration


Brand Awareness

Trademarks transform buyers into loyal repeat customers by helping them to find your products. This is especially true for e-commerce businesses and those that use social media. A memorable trademark leads to greater visibility, which translates into higher search rankings that bring even more traffic, more customers and greater brand recognition.

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Safeguard Your Brand In All 50 States

By registering your trademark with the USPTO, you establish both a legal presumption of ownership and an exclusive right to use the trademark in all 50 States, regardless of where you use it. Federal trademark registration lists your trademark in the USPTO’s online databases and allows you to use the all-important ® symbol, which is public notice to all that you own your trademark.

Nationwide Trademark Registration Services

We are a trademark law firm that has handled trademark registrations for companies ranging from the smallest startup to established multi-national corporations both in the United States and abroad. We provide our clients with a wide range of trademark services including counseling, investigations, branding strategies, US and international trademark application filing, prosecution, and enforcement. Our trademark attorneys in the US consist of experts in every aspect of electronic filing, including e-filing of trademark applications, docketing software, and electronic filing of Renewals and Assignments.

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Global Reach with Local Access to the USPTO

We have offices in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. Both are just minutes from the headquarters of the USPTO. Being close to the USPTO permits us to meet face-to-face with the examiners who work on the applications that we file. This access also allows us to effectively represent trademark clients in all 50 States and beyond.

Get Started

Our US trademark attorneys are proud to be able to serve clients from all 50 states and countries worldwide. If you have a trademark or patent matter, we invite you to complete our secure online contact form. We always offer complimentary consultations.