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Congratulations! You are three simple steps away from applying for your Federal trademark.

Step 1 – You provide us with some preliminary trademark information.

Step 2 – We send you an Engagement Letter (to formalize the Attorney-Client relationship), along with an electronic invoice for $575.

Step 3 – You sign and return the Engagement Letter and complete online payment of our electronic invoice.

The electronic invoice will have instructions on how to pay it online. There will be no need to provide us with your credit card information. Alternatively, our office can process the credit card payment if you prefer. We will arrange for payment of the Government filing fee (currently $275.00 per class) when you approve your application for filing with the USPTO)

Remember - the trademark information you provide below is preliminary. We will review and confirm all of your trademark information as we prepare your application and you will have final approval before it is submitted to the US Government.

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